What is Samson?

  • (noun): (Old Testament) a judge of Israel who performed herculean feats of strength against the Philistines until he was betrayed to them by his mistress Delilah.
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Samson, Shimshon (Hebrew: שִׁמְשׁוֹן, Shimshon Šimšôn, meaning "man of the sun"); Shamshoun (Arabic: شمشون‎ Shamshūn/Šamšūn) or Sampson (Greek: Σαμψών) is the third-to-last of the Judges of the ancient Israelites mentioned in the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible) (Book of Judges chapters 13 to 16).

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List Of Minor Emmerdale Characters (2006) - Samson Dingle
... Samson Dingle Emmerdale character Portrayed by Bradley Milnes (2006-08) Ben Shooter (2006-08) Charlie Pell (2008–10) Sam Hall (2010–) Introduced by Kathleen Beedles ... She gives birth prematurely and the baby is named Samson ... After Alice's death, Sam vows to bring up Samson on his own and moves into his own cottage ...
Lionel Samson
... Lionel Samson (1799-15 March 1878) was an early Swan River Colony settler and businessman whose firm, Lionel Samson Son, is the oldest continuing family business in Australia ... It is likely his father was Michael Samson, “a member of one of the old established and wealthy families of English Jewry”, according to the Australian Dictionary of Biography ... Samson arrived at Fremantle in 1829 on the Calista and soon set up business as a wine and spirit merchant, importer and auctioneer ...
Samson Unit - Function
... Samson Unit's roles are believed to have included Intelligence collection in the battlespace on an ongoing basis, as means to continuously know the area, and as ... Samson reportedly gathered intelligence for its and other units’ operations ... and the arrest of key enemy combatants Samson Popular culture Comics Black Samson Doc Samson Mighty Samson Samson Film Samson (1914) Samson and Delilah (1922) Samson and Delilah (1949) Samson (1961) Samson ...
Samuel Ben Samson
... Samuel ben Samson (also Samuel ben Shimshon) was a rabbi who lived in France and made a pilgrimage to Palestine in 1210, visiting a number of villages and cities there ... ha Cohen, said to be "the most influential and wealthy French Jew of his time," was ben Samson's travelling companion, and it is likely that ben Samson served as his secretary ... Two other rabbis were travelling with ben Samson and ha Cohen and the four travelled as far east as Mosul ...

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    Jack, eating rotten cheese, did say,
    ‘Like Samson I my thousands slay.’
    Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790)