What is sally?

  • (noun): A venture off the beaten path.
    Example: "A sally into the wide world beyond his home"
    Synonyms: sallying forth
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Sally Prue
... Sally Prue is a British author known for her novel Cold Tom, which won the Branford Boase Award 2002 and the Smarties Prize Silver Award in 2002 ... Sally Prue has written eight novels ...
Silly Sally
... "Silly Sally" is a song by Iron Butterfly that was released as a single in 1971 after the departure of Doug Ingle ... Jones wrote "Silly Sally" in an attempt to keep the band together ...
Sally - Businesses
... Sally Corporation, a manufacturer of dark rides and audio-animatronics Sally Line, an Ålandian passenger shipping company and cruise line ...
Sally (1929 Film)
... Sally (1929) is the third all talking all-color feature movie ever made (the first was On with the Show 1929) ... Sally was also the sixth feature movie to contain color that had been released by Warner Brothers, the first five were The Desert Song (1929), On with the Show (1929), Gold Diggers of Broadway (192 ... Although exhibited in a few select theatres in December of 1929, Sally only went into general release on January 12, 1930 ...
Betty Draper - Fictional Character Biography - Season Five
... She then tries to stir up rancor by mentioning Anna Draper to Sally, but after Megan and (particularly) Don tell Sally more about Anna, Betty is defeated as ... However, when Sally begins menstruating for the first time while visiting her father in New York, she immediately returns to Rye and seeks out her mother for help ... Here Betty is finally shown to be a caring mother to Sally ...

More definitions of "sally":

  • (noun): A military action in which besieged troops burst forth from their position.
    Synonyms: sortie

Famous quotes containing the word sally:

    Is not prayer also a study of truth,—a sally of the soul into the unfound infinite? No man ever prayed heartily, without learning something. But when a faithful thinker, resolute to detach every object from personal relations, and see it in the light of thought, shall, at the same time, kindle science with the fire of the holiest affections, then will God go forth anew into creation.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    Half the testimony in the Bobbitt case sounded like Sally Jesse Raphael. Juries watch programs like this and are ready to listen.
    William Geimer, U.S. law educator. New York Times, p. B18 (January 28, 1994)

    It is handsomer to remain in the establishment better than the establishment, and conduct that in the best manner, than to make a sally against evil by some single improvement, without supporting it by a total regeneration.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)