Classifier may refer to:

  • Classifier (linguistics)
  • Classifier (mathematics)
  • Classifier (UML)
  • Hierarchical classifier
  • Linear classifier
  • An industrial machine (e.g. Air classifier) for sorting or mechanical screening of materials by size, shape, and density, etc.

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Using Boosting Methods For Object Categorization - Boosting For Binary Categorization
... the weights For available features from the set, train a classifier using a single feature and evaluate the training error Choose the classifier with the lowest error Update the weights ...
Margin Classifier
... In machine learning, a margin classifer is a classifier which is able to give an associated distance from the decision boundary for each example ... For instance, if a linear classifier (e.g ... be used to bound the generalization error of the classifier ...
Air Classifier - Selected Patents
... Air Classifier", issued 1927-05-24 US patent 3734287, Jager, Heinz, "Air Classifier Assembly", issued 1973-05-22, assigned to WEDAG Westfalia Dinnendahl Groppel ... "Air Classifying Process and Air Classifier", issued 1989-09-26, assigned to Pfeiffer, Christian ...
Classifier (UML) - Important Aspects
... A classifier defines a namespace ... A classifier contains a set of features ... A classifier is generalizable ...