What is route?

  • (verb): Send documents or materials to appropriate destinations.
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More definitions of "route":

  • (noun): An established line of travel or access.
    Synonyms: path, itinerary
  • (noun): An open way (generally public) for travel or transportation.
    Synonyms: road
  • (verb): Divert in a specified direction.
    Example: "Divert the low voltage to the engine cylinders"
  • (verb): Send via a specific route.

Famous quotes containing the word route:

    The route through childhood is shaped by many forces, and it differs for each of us. Our biological inheritance, the temperament with which we are born, the care we receive, our family relationships, the place where we grow up, the schools we attend, the culture in which we participate, and the historical period in which we live—all these affect the paths we take through childhood and condition the remainder of our lives.
    Robert H. Wozniak (20th century)

    no arranged terror: no forcing of image, plan,
    or thought:
    no propaganda, no humbling of reality to precept:
    terror pervades but is not arranged, all possibilities
    of escape open: no route shut,
    Archie Randolph Ammons (b. 1926)

    By whatever means it is accomplished, the prime business of a play is to arouse the passions of its audience so that by the route of passion may be opened up new relationships between a man and men, and between men and Man. Drama is akin to the other inventions of man in that it ought to help us to know more, and not merely to spend our feelings.
    Arthur Miller (b. 1915)