BMT may refer to:

  • British Military Tournament, formerly known as the Royal Tournament
  • British Mean Time
  • Bais Midrash L'torah
  • Basal Metabolic Temperature
  • BMT (Basin Modelling Toolbox), Basin modelling software
  • BMT Group Ltd, a British consulting company
  • Basic Military Training
  • Beaumont Municipal Airport
  • Benton MacKaye Trail, a footpath in the Appalachian Mountains
  • Beharie Marine Trailers UK a British Boat Trailer manufacturer
  • Biel Mean Time, the scale used by Swatch Internet Time
  • Binhai Mass Transit, a Chinese rapid transit line
  • Blu Mar Ten, a musical group
  • Bone marrow transplant, a medical procedure
  • Brooklyn–Manhattan Transit Corporation, one of the three original New York City Subway systems
  • Behavioral modification technique, in relation to conservative management of aneurysms
  • Benchmarking Test, in relation to high-performance computing, as BMT machine
  • BlueMotion Technology by Volkswagen
  • A "BMT" sandwich, a variety of sandwich created by Subway restaurants
  • Barcelona Moon Team, a Spanish Google Lunar X-Prize competitor
  • Bachelor in Media Technology, a degree awarded in the field of new media, digital multimedia or related academics.

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Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn - Transportation
... This underground line replaced the earlier, elevated BMT Fulton Street Line on May 31, 1940 ... The elevated BMT Jamaica Line (J M Z trains) also serves the neighborhood, running alongside its northern boundaries at Broadway ... Until 1950, the BMT Lexington Avenue Line served Lexington Avenue in the neighborhood ...
Saint Marks Avenue (BMT Fifth Avenue Line)
... Saint Marks Avenue was a station on the demolished section of the BMT Fifth Avenue Line ... Served by trains of the BMT Culver Line and BMT Fifth Avenue Line ...
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