What is revenge?

  • (verb): Take revenge for a perceived wrong.
    Synonyms: avenge, retaliate
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Revenge is a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance, be it real or perceived. It is also called payback, retribution, retaliation or vengeance; it may be characterized as a form of justice, an altruistic action which enforces societal or moral justice aside from the legal system. Referred to as a kind of "wild justice", as described by Francis Bacon.

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Revenge in The Arts
... Revenge is a popular subject in literature, drama, and other arts ... Other examples are the Greek myths of Medea, the painting Herodias' Revenge by Juan de Flandes, the opera Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the novel The Princess ... In Japanese art, revenge is a theme in various woodblock prints depicting the Revenge of the Forty-Seven Ronin by many well-known and influential artists, including Kuniyoshi ...
Rape And Revenge Film
... Rape and revenge films (aka rape/revenge, rape-revenge) are a subgenre of exploitation film that was particularly popular in the 1970s ... Rape/revenge movies generally follow the same three act structure Act I A woman is raped/gang raped, tortured, and left for dead ... Act III The woman takes revenge and kills her rapist(s) In some cases, the woman is killed at the end of the first act, and the "revenge" is carried out by her family, as in The Virgin Spring, I Saw ...
Snit's Revenge
... Snit's Revenge is a two-player board game developed and illustrated by Tom Wham ... published in Dragon Magazine and to which Snit's Revenge is technically a sequel ...
Revenge (Canadian Band) - Biography
... Following the demise of Canadian blackened death metal band Conqueror, James Read formed Revenge in 2000 in Edmonton, Alberta, with the help of fellow scene veterans Ryan Förster (of ... musicians Attacker and Dehumanizer, the band recorded the Attack.Blood.Revenge 10" EP ... In June 2002, Revenge (now solely Read) was joined by Pete Helmkamp, of Order from Chaos and Angelcorpse notoriety, on bass and backing vocals ...
Star Wars Racer Revenge
... Star Wars Racer Revenge is a Star Wars video game that involves high speed racing ... The story takes place eight years after The Phantom Menace, Sebulba wants revenge on Anakin Skywalker ...

More definitions of "revenge":

  • (noun): Action taken in return for an injury or offense.
    Synonyms: retaliation

Famous quotes containing the word revenge:

    In revenge and in love woman is more barbaric than man is.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Obscurantism is the academic theorist’s revenge on society for having consigned him or her to relative obscurity—a way of proclaiming one’s superiority in the face of one’s diminished influence.
    David Lehman (b. 1948)

    The retaliation is apt to be in monstrous disproportion to the supposed offense; for when in anybody was revenge in its exactions aught else but an inordinate usurer?
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)