What is repose?

  • (noun): Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).
    Example: "Took his repose by the swimming pool"
    Synonyms: rest, ease, relaxation
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Some articles on repose:

Clonard Abbey - Annalistic References
... Repose of Mo-Dímóc of Cluain Iraird ... Repose of Suairlech of In tEidnén, abbot of Cluain Iraird ... Repose of Colmán son of Ailill abbot of Cluain Moccu Nóis and Cluain Iraird ...
Statute Of Repose - Statutes of Repose and Statutes of Limitation
... Most courts hold that statutes of repose are a broader category than statutes of limitation ... Statutes of repose differ from statutes of limitation in that the deadlines imposed by statutes of repose are enforced much more strictly ... All statutes of limitation are statutes of repose, but some statutes of repose operate differently from statutes of limitation ...
... by hand and the ball of paste is left to repose for 2- hours ... is then flattened to the width of a dish and left to repose again ... and opened once more, before being formed into a roll and left to repose as such for a further period of several hours ...
Patriarchal Stavropegic Monastery Of St. John The Baptist - History - Repose of Elder Sophrony
... build, and to which Elder Sophrony said that he would not repose until the crypt was ready. 24th, according to Elder Sophrony's words that he would repose first, and she would repose soon after ...
Statute Of Repose - In Products Liability
... As such, a statute of repose may bar a remedy even before a cause of action arises ... a set number of years after the product causes an injury but a statute of repose may also apply, barring an action after a certain number of years from the date when the product was initially ... sold to a consumer more than ten years ago injures someone, a ten-year statute of repose (which starts on the product's purchase date) might bar a claim even if the statute of limitation (which starts on the date ...

More definitions of "repose":

  • (verb): Put in a horizontal position.
    Synonyms: lay, put down
  • (verb): Lean in a comfortable resting position.
    Example: "He was reposing on the couch"
    Synonyms: recumb, recline
  • (verb): Lie when dead.
    Example: "Mao reposes in his mausoleum"
  • (verb): Put or confide something in a person or thing.
    Example: "These philosophers reposed the law in the people"
  • (verb): Be inherent or innate in.
    Synonyms: rest, reside
  • (verb): To put something (eg trust) in something.
    Example: "The nation reposed its confidence in the King"

Famous quotes containing the word repose:

    I live in the angle of a leaden wall, into whose composition was poured a little alloy of bell-metal. Often, in the repose of my mid-day, there reaches my ears a confused tintinnabulum from without. It is the noise of my contemporaries.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    When you’re lying awake with a dismal headache, and repose is
    taboo’d by anxiety,
    I conceive you may use any language you choose to indulge in without impropriety;
    Sir William Schwenck Gilbert (1836–1911)

    I grow savager and savager every day, as if fed on raw meat, and my tameness is only the repose of untamableness. I dream of looking abroad summer and winter, with free gaze, from some mountain-side,... to be nature looking into nature with such easy sympathy as the blue-eyed grass in the meadow looks in the face of the sky. From some such recess I would put forth sublime thoughts daily, as the plant puts forth leaves.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)