What is rag?

  • (noun): A boisterous practical joke (especially by college students).
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Spice Boys (Congressmen) - Background
... The 1998 Philippine general election ushered in a wave of neophyte congressmen into the House of Representatives, filling 140 seats of the 220-seat Lower House ... About a fifth of its members were under 40 years of age, roughly equivalent to Generation X ...
List Of Compositions By James Scott
... Cover page A Summer Breeze 1903 March and Two-Step Fascinator 1903 On the Pike 1904 Rag-Time Two-Step Frog Legs Rag 1906 Kansas City Rag 1907 Grace and ... Dumars Hilarity Rag 1910 Ophelia Rag 1910 Princess Rag 1911 Quality 1911 Ragtime Oriole 1911 Climax Rag 1914 Suffragette 1914 Take Me Out To Lakeside 1914 Lyrics ...
Magnetic Rag
... "Magnetic Rag" is a 1914 ragtime piano composition by American composer Scott Joplin ... It is significant for being the last rag which Joplin published in his lifetime, three years before his death in 1917 ...
List Of Compositions By Scott Joplin
... One of his first pieces, the "Maple Leaf Rag" (1899) has been recognized as the archetypal rag and influenced subsequent rag composers for at least 12 years thanks to its rhythmic patterns ... his career, despite a steady income from the "Maple Leaf Rag" ... This new art form, the classic rag, combined Afro-American folk music's syncopation and nineteenth-century European romanticism, with its harmonic schemes and its march-like ...

More definitions of "rag":

  • (noun): A week at British universities during which side-shows and processions of floats are organized to raise money for charities.
    Synonyms: rag week
  • (noun): Newspaper with half-size pages.
    Synonyms: tabloid, sheet
  • (verb): Break into lumps before sorting.
    Example: "Rag ore"
  • (noun): Music with a syncopated melody (usually for the piano).
    Synonyms: ragtime
  • (verb): Play in ragtime.
    Example: "Rag that old tune"

Famous quotes containing the word rag:

    Rub a half potato on your wart
    and wrap it in a damp cloth. Close
    your eyes and whirl three times and throw.
    Then bury rag and spud exactly where they fall.
    Richard Hugo (1923–1982)

    ... a friend told me that she had read of a woman who had knitted a wash rag for President Wilson. She was eighty years old and her friends thought it remarkable that she could knit a wash rag! I thought that if a woman of eighty could knit a wash rage for a Democratic President it behooved one of ninety-six to make something more than a wash rag for a Republican President.
    Maria D. Brown (1827–1927)

    New York is a woman
    holding, according to history,
    a rag called liberty with one hand
    and strangling the earth with the other.
    Adonis [Ali Ahmed Said] (b. 1930)