What is rabin?


Rabin is a Hebrew surname. It originates from the Hebrew word rav meaning Rabbi, and a contraction of R. Abin.

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Rabin - Other Uses
... Miller-Rabin primality test Rabin automaton Rabin cryptosystem (including Rabin-Williams encryption) Rabin-Karp string search algorithm ...
Avraham Ofer - Biography - Suicide
... Rabin delivered the eulogy at Ofer's funeral ... elite at a crowded service in Tel Aviv, Rabin recalled how Ofer had come to him to discuss the accusations in what turned out to be their final meeting ... I replied to you, Avraham, that I, Yitzhak Rabin, wholly trust in your innocence." The succession of scandals led Rabin's opponents to charge that he lacks the ability to lead, and in the 1977 elections the Alignment ...
Steve Rabin
... Steve Rabin is an American software engineer, college instructor, and editor/author who specializes in the field of video game artificial intelligence ... Rabin is currently a principal software engineer at Nintendo of America and an instructor at both the DigiPen Institute of Technology and the University of Washington Extension ...
Al Rabin
... Al Rabin (January 26, 1936 – August 14, 2012) was a producer of soap operas, specifically known for his work on Days of our Lives ... Rabin served in multiple capacities in his sixteen years at Days, first as a director and then as a supervising executive producer to Mrs ... Since the mid-1990s Rabin has retired from television work ...
Chaim Menachem Rabin
... Chaim Menachem Rabin (Hebrew חיים מנחם רבין 1915–1996) was an Israeli professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages ... Chaim Rabin was born in Giessen, Germany, 22 November 1915, the son of Israel and Martel Rabin ... After his early interest in Arabic dialects, Chaim Rabin's field was all aspects of Hebraic linguistics, in particular, translations of the ancient language of the Bible, the ...

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    Not only [are] our states ... making peace with each other,... you and I, your Majesty, are making peace here, our own peace, the peace of soldiers and the peace of friends.
    —Yitzhak Rabin (b. 1922)