What is premier?

  • (verb): Perform a work for the first time.
    Synonyms: premiere
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Premier is a title for the head of government in some countries and states.

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Yanina Wickmayer - WTA Career Finals - Doubles: 1 (0–1)
0–0) WTA Tour Championships (0–0) Tier I / Premier Mandatory Premier 5 (0–0) Tier II / Premier (0–0) Tier III, IV V / International (0–1) Titles by ...
Premier - By Jurisdiction
... Premiers of the Australian states Premier of Bermuda Premier of the British Virgin Islands Premiers of Canada Chancellor of China List of premiers of China Premier (South Africa) Premier of the ...
Frederick W. A. G. Haultain - Northwest Territories Politics - Premier
... As premier, Haultain led negotiations for the granting of provincial status ... Haultain argued for these territories to be admitted as a single province named Buffalo, and wanted the new province to be governed by non-partisan governments ...
Frank Miller (politician) - Premier - Minority Government and Defeat
... Miller formally resigned as Premier on June 26, 1985 ending 42 years of Progressive Conservative rule over Ontario ...
Frederick Carter
... died March 1, 1900) was a lawyer and Premier of Newfoundland from 1865 to 1870 ... In 1865 he succeeded Sir Hugh Hoyles as Premier ... Carter became Premier a second time in 1874 but had dropped the issue of joining Canada ...

More definitions of "premier":

  • (adj): Preceding all others in time.
    Synonyms: premiere
  • (adj): First in rank or degree.
    Example: "An architect of premier rank"
    Synonyms: prime
  • (verb): Be performed for the first time.
    Synonyms: premiere
  • (noun): The person who holds the position of head of state in England.
    Synonyms: Prime Minister, PM