What is Percy?

  • (noun): United States writer whose novels explored human alienation (1916-1990).
    Synonyms: Walker Percy
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The name "Percy" derives from the village of Percy-en-Auge in Normandy from which was derived the English surname, first taken by the Norman lords of Northumbria. From there it came into use as a given name.

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Percy Lefroy Mapleton
... Percy Lefroy Mapleton (also known as Percy Mapleton Lefroy 23 February 1860 – 29 November 1881), a journalist, was the British "railway murderer" of 1881 ...
Percy, Isère - See Also
... Moirans Moissieu-sur-Dolon Monestier-d'Ambel Monestier-de-Clermont Le Monestier-du-Percy Monsteroux-Milieu Montagne Montagnieu Montalieu-Vercieu Montaud Montbonnot-Sai ...
The Diamond As Big As The Ritz - Plot Summary
... In the middle of his sophomore year, a young man named Percy Washington is placed in Unger's dorm ... Percy invites Unger to his home for the summer, the location of which he only states as being "in the West" ... During the train ride Percy boasts that his father is "by far the richest man in the world", and, when challenged by Unger, boasts that his father "has a diamond ...
Abbey Connectors - Remote Connectors - Swiss Set
... Illustrator Sw1 The Two Form Captains 1921 Chambers Percy Tarrant Sw2 The Captain of the Fifth 1922 Chambers Percy Tarrant Sw3 The Camp Mystery see CK3 above ...
Percy Edward Pinkerton - Biography
... Percy Edward Pinkerton was born on 19 June 1855, at Manor Road, Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, London, Middlesex ... Percy's paternal grandparents were D.D ... Percy had further Russian connections as all bar one of his father's seven siblings were also born there ...

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