What is patrol?

  • (noun): A group that goes through a region at regular intervals for the purpose of security.
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A patrol is commonly a group of personnel, such as police officers or soldiers, that are assigned to monitor a specific geographic area.

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Some articles on patrol:

USS S-45 (SS-156) - Service History - World War II - First War Patrol
... Ireland area, she remained on patrol into mid-June, unable to score against Japanese shipping and unable to contact an agent on Cape Sena ... radio transmitter, and the bow planes which had hampered her during her recent patrol ...
Afghan National Army - Operations - Operation Eagle's Flight
... from the Afghan National Army fire multiple D-30 Artillery pieces during a night mission at Patrol Base Sorkh Bid during Exercise Eagle's Flight ... Army’s (ANA) 4th Brigade are a step closer to deploying gun detachments outside Coalition Patrol Bases after a successful live fire artillery shoot during July 2012 ... they fired high explosive, smoke and illumination rounds onto a designated target area near Patrol Base Sorkh Bid, northern Kandahar ...
USS De Haven (DD-727) - Service History - United States Navy - Korea
... Korea on 25 June 1950, De Haven was assigned to patrol off the Korean coast ... to 17 February 1952, she served primarily on blockade patrol. 1952 to serve as flagship for ships on patrol in the Chongjin-Songjin-Chaho area until 18 November ...
List Of Ships Of The Imperial Japanese Navy - Patrol Vessels
... List of IJN Patrol Vessels can be found here at Patrol Boat # 01-see Patrol Boat # 02-see Patrol Boat # 31-see Patrol Boat # 32-sunk at Battle of Wake Island Patrol Boat # 33-sunk at Battle of Wake Island ...
Zero Patrol
... The Zero Patrol was a short-lived superhero team created by Continuity Comics in 1984 ... The Zero Patrol were a team of five people from Earth, collected to protect the universe ...

More definitions of "patrol":

  • (verb): Maintain the security of by carrying out a control.
    Synonyms: police
  • (noun): The activity of going around or through an area at regular intervals for security purposes.
  • (noun): A detachment used for security or reconnaissance.