What is oven?

  • (noun): Kitchen appliance used for baking or roasting.


An oven is a thermally insulated chamber used for the heating, baking or drying of a substance. It is most commonly used for cooking. Kilns and furnaces are special-purpose ovens. The first being used mainly for the fabrication of pottery and the second being used for forging.

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Château De Vendeuvre - The Kitchen
... In a corner of the fireplace there is an oven, which was used for broiling and pot-roasting ... These were transported, using large pans, to the oven opposite, or to one of the five smaller fireplaces situated in the wall opposite, where slow-cooked dishes, such as soups and sauces ... Set into the wall of another corner is a smaller oven once used for pastry-baking ...
Clean Process Oven
... A clean process oven is a type of industrial batch oven that is ideal for high-temperature applications, such as curing Polyimide, and annealing thin and film waters ... Clean process ovens may be for air atmospheres, or inert atmospheres for oxidation-sensitive materials ... Other types of industrial batch ovens include laboratory, burn-in, reach-in, and walk-in/drive-in ...
Tabun Oven
... A tabun oven, or simply, tabun (also transliterated taboon, from the Arabic طابون‎) is a clay oven, shaped like a truncated cone, with an opening at the bottom from ... Built and used in pre-biblical and biblical times as the family, neighbourhood, or village oven, tabun ovens continue to be built and used in parts of the Middle East today ... Nowadays some of the tabun ovens are also made out of metal ...
Oven - Industrial, Scientific, and Artisanal Use
... Outside the culinary world, ovens are used for a number of purposes ... A kiln is a high-temperature oven used in wood drying, ceramics and cement manufacturing to convert mineral feedstock (in the form of clay or calcium or aluminum rocks) into a glassier, more ... Certain types of drying ovens used in food manufacture, especially those used in malting, are also referred to as kilns.) An autoclave is an oven-like device ...
Bedourie Oven
... The Bedourie oven is an Australian adaptation of the camp oven (Dutch oven) ... working on Bedourie Station, in western Queensland, found that the heavy cast iron camp ovens they used for cooking would often break as a result of falling from their pack horses ... The Bedourie oven was developed in response to this problem ...

Famous quotes containing the word oven:

    Occasionally, remind children tactfully that the oven is the only self-cleaning appliance.
    Fred G. Gosman (20th century)