What is norm?

  • (noun): A statistic describing the location of a distribution.
    Example: "It set the norm for American homes"
    Synonyms: average
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SLC47A2 - Discovery
... The multidrug efflux transporter NorM from V ... NorM seems to function as drug/sodium antiporter which is the first example of Na+-coupled multidrug efflux transporter discovered ... NorM is a prototype of a new transporter family and Brown et al ...
Sweden At The 2008 Summer Olympics - Missing Athletes - Athletics
... Robert Kronberg - men's 110 metres hurdles (A - norm, 13.53 July 16, 2008 Luzern) Christian Olsson - injury, men's triple jump (A - norm, 17.00 July 22, 2008 Stockholm) Nicklas Wiberg - men's decathlon (A - norm, 8040 June 29, 2008 Jyvaskyla) Jessica Samuelsson - women's heptathlon (A - norm, 6111 June 1, 2008 Götzis). ...
Norm - Miscellaneous
... The Norm Show, a television series featuring Norm Macdonald as the titular character Grandmaster norm, a chess result required to qualify for an official title Norms Restaurants, a chain of restaurants ...
Logarithmic Norm
... In mathematics, the logarithmic norm is a real-valued functional on operators, and is derived from either an inner product, a vector norm, or its induced operator norm ... The logarithmic norm was independently introduced by Germund Dahlquist and Sergei Lozinskiń≠ in 1958, for square matrices ... The logarithmic norm has a wide range of applications, in particular in matrix theory, differential equations and numerical analysis ...
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... Vera Peterson, the wife of Norm Peterson, is never fully seen onscreen, despite a few fleeting appearances and vocal cameos ... Although she is often the butt of Norm's jokes when he visits Cheers, he professes a deep love for her ... She is played by Bernadette Birkett, the real-life wife of George Wendt, who played Norm ...

More definitions of "norm":

  • (noun): A standard or model or pattern regarded as typical.
    Example: "The current middle-class norm of two children per family"

Famous quotes containing the word norm:

    To be told that our child’s behavior is “normal” offers little solace when our feelings are badly hurt, or when we worry that his actions are harmful at the moment or may be injurious to his future. It does not help me as a parent nor lessen my worries when my child drives carelessly, even dangerously, if I am told that this is “normal” behavior for children of his age. I’d much prefer him to deviate from the norm and be a cautious driver!
    Bruno Bettelheim (20th century)

    As long as male behavior is taken to be the norm, there can be no serious questioning of male traits and behavior. A norm is by definition a standard for judging; it is not itself subject to judgment.
    Myriam Miedzian, U.S. author. Boys Will Be Boys, ch. 1 (1991)

    A society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.
    Lewis H. Lapham (b. 1935)