• (adj): Continuing in time or space without interruption.
    Example: "A continuous rearrangement of electrons in the solar atoms results in the emission of light"- James Jeans; "a continuous bout of illness lasting six months"; "lived in continuous fear"; "a continuous row of warehouses"; "a continuous line has no gaps or breaks in it"
    Synonyms: uninterrupted
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Elliptic Boundary Value Problem - Weak or Variational Formulation - Continuous and Coercive Bilinear Forms
... assume that is continuously differentiable on for is continuous on for is continuous on and is bounded ... that the map is furthermore bilinear and continuous, and that the map is linear in, and continuous if (for instance) is square integrable ...
Continuous Ministry
... The Continuous Ministry or Continuous Cabinet was an informal designation for two nineteenth century colonial governments The Continuous Ministry of Queensland, from 1890 to 1899 ... The Continuous Ministry of New Zealand, in 1876, from 1880 to 1883 and 1887 to 1890 ...
Continuous Flash Suppression
... A powerful variant of flash suppression is continuous flash suppression, originally reported by Nao Tsuchiya and Christof Koch (2004) (See also Tsuchiya ... Continuous flash suppression is a useful method for psychologists and neuroscientists interested in studying the mechanisms of conscious and nonconscious ... and advantages (Kim Blake 2005), continuous flash suppression has a number of advantages for wiping images from conscious vision ...
Realcompact Space - Properties
... it has the uniform topology and is complete for the uniform structure generated by the continuous real-valued functions (Gillman, Jerison, p ... Write C(X) for the ring of continuous functions on a topological space X ... ring homomorphisms from C(Y) to C(X) correspond to continuous maps from X to Y ...
Continuous Data Protection - Continuous Vs Near Continuous
... Some solutions which are marketed as continuous data protection may only allow restores at fixed intervals such as 1 hour, or 24 hours ... Such schemes are not universally recognized as true continuous data protection, as they do not provide the ability to restore to any point in time ... The latter is sometimes called near continuous backup ...

More definitions of "continuous":

  • (adj): Of a function or curve; extending without break or irregularity.

Famous quotes containing the word continuous:

    I describe family values as responsibility towards others, increase of tolerance, compromise, support, flexibility. And essentially the things I call the silent song of life—the continuous process of mutual accommodation without which life is impossible.
    Salvador Minuchin (20th century)

    The problem, thus, is not whether or not women are to combine marriage and motherhood with work or career but how they are to do so—concomitantly in a two-role continuous pattern or sequentially in a pattern involving job or career discontinuities.
    Jessie Bernard (20th century)

    Perhaps when distant people on other planets pick up some wave-length of ours all they hear is a continuous scream.
    Iris Murdoch (b. 1919)