Odd is an adjective denoting the quality of being unpaired, occasional, strange or unusual, or a person who is viewed as eccentric.

Odd may also refer to:

In mathematics, the term is used in several senses related to even:

    • even and odd numbers, an integer is odd if dividing by two does not yield an integer
    • even and odd functions, a function is odd if f(x) = –f(–x) for all x
    • even and odd permutations, a permutation of a finite set is odd if it is composed of an odd number of transpositions

In other contexts

  • Odd (name), a male name common in Norway
  • Odd, West Virginia, USA
  • Odd Grenland, a Norwegian football team
  • Odd Della Robbia, a character in Code Lyoko

ODD may refer to:

  • Optical Disc Drive
  • ODD (fanzine), a Hugo-nominated science fiction fanzine
  • ODD (Text Encoding Initiative), "One Document Does it all", an abstracted literate-programming format for describing XML schemas
  • ODD, a play by Hal Corley about a teenager with oppositional defiant disorder
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Oppositional defiant disorder, a mental disorder characterized by defiant behavior

Other articles related to "odd":

Somen Tchoyi - Club Career - Odd Grenland & Stabæk IF
... Tchoyi signed for Odd Grenland in time for the 2005-2006 season from Union Douala ... After Odd purchased Tommy Svindal Larsen, he played less due to the two not mixing well on the field and due to restrictions on non-EU players in Norway ...
Sliding Window Protocol - Examples - The Simplest Sliding Window: Stop-and-wait - Ambiguity Example
... The transmitter alternately sends packets marked "odd" and "even" ... The acknowledgments likewise say "odd" and "even" ... Suppose that the transmitter, having sent an odd packet, did not wait for an odd acknowledgment, and instead immediately sent the following even packet ...
Bandamanna Saga
... The story starts with the relationship between Odd son of Ufeig and Uspak son of Glum Uspak is the nephew of Grettir ... Odd, with little help from his father, became rich and Uspak was known for his difficult character ... Uspak asks to live with Odd at the latter's home Odd agrees because of Uspak's connections even though he is aware of the man's reputation ...
Swedish Fashion - Odd Molly
... sat down with the word artist Per Holkneekt 30 minutes after that meeting the brand Odd Molly was created ... Odd Molly can today be found in 1,500 supreme locations in 40 countries ...
Odd, West Virginia - Name Origin
... Several names were suggested, and to one suggestion, someone in the group responded "That's odd." And so the name of Odd was adopted for the town ... Odd Elementary School was the last wooden school house in use in the state of West Virginia upon its closing in 1989 ...

Famous quotes containing the word odd:

    Last evening attended Croghan Lodge International Order of Odd Fellows. Election of officers. Chosen Noble Grand. These social organizations have a number of good results. All who attend are educated in self-government. This in a marked way. They bind society together. The well-to-do and the poor should be brought together as much as possible. The separation into classes—castes—is our danger. It is the danger of all civilizations.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    It’s a very odd thing—
    As odd as can be—
    That whatever Miss T. eats
    Turns into Miss T.;
    Walter De La Mare (1873–1956)

    This is the third time; I hope good luck lies in odd numbers.
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)