What is nameless?

  • (adj): Being or having an unknown or unnamed source.
    Example: "Corporations responsible to nameless owners"
    Synonyms: unidentified, unknown, unnamed


Nameless usually refers to someone or something that doesn't have a name. Sometimes characters are never given names such as in Rashomon.

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To The Nameless Dead
... To the Nameless Dead is the sixth studio album by the Irish black metal band Primordial, released in 2007 ... To The Nameless Dead received virtually universal and overwhelming praise, rising to such accolades as being named 2008's Metal Album of the Year by ...
List Of Characters In Planescape: Torment - NPCs - The Lady of Pain
... Lady is often mentioned but will only appear if The Nameless One angers her ... The first time he does so, the Nameless One will be sent to a Maze to which one of his previous incarnations was previously condemned (and which still holds some ... On a second offense, she will destroy the Nameless One, overcoming his immortality and ending the game ...
List Of Characters In Planescape: Torment - NPCs - Deionarra
... ghost is clearly embittered towards the Nameless One ... the future in visions, and fell deeply in love with the Nameless One's Practical Incarnation ... She traveled with The Nameless One throughout the multiverse, only to be left behind to die in the Fortress of Regrets ...
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... notes 2002 The Scorpion King Asian training master 1998 Lethal Weapon 4 Nameless 1998 Godzilla Fisherman Also stunts 1998 The Replacement Killers Thug 1996 Escape from ... Shadow Warrior Also stunts 1994 Beverly Hills Cop III Nameless Also stunts 1994 Deadly Target Nameless 1994 The Shadow Nameless 1994 Vanishing Son III Nameless 1993 Double ...

Famous quotes containing the word nameless:

    In every great novel, who is the hero all the time? Not any of the characters, but some unnamed and nameless flame behind them all.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)

    If we are on the outside, we assume a conspiracy is the perfect working of a scheme. Silent nameless men with unadorned hearts. A conspiracy is everything that ordinary life is not. It’s the inside game, cold, sure, undistracted, forever closed off to us. We are the flawed ones, the innocents, trying to make some rough sense of the daily jostle. Conspirators have a logic and a daring beyond our reach. All conspiracies are the same taut story of men who find coherence in some criminal act.
    Don Delillo (b. 1926)

    In some unused lagoon, some nameless bay,
    On sluggish, lonesome waters, anchor’d near the shore,
    An old, dismasted, gray and batter’d ship, disabled, done,
    After free voyages to all the seas of earth, haul’d up at last and
    hawser’d tight,
    Lies rusting, mouldering.
    Walt Whitman (1819–1892)