What is maxwell?

  • (noun): Scottish physicist whose equations unified electricity and magnetism and who recognized the electromagnetic nature of light (1831-1879).
    Synonyms: J. C. Maxwell, James Clerk Maxwell
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Shrine Of The Báb - History
... The architect was William Sutherland Maxwell, a Canadian Bahá'í who was a Beaux-Arts architect and the father-in-law of Shoghi Effendi ... including in the use of Western and Eastern styles, but left the artistic details to Maxwell ... Maxwell's design of the Rose Baveno granite colonnade, Oriental-style Chiampo stone arches, and golden dome is meant to harmonize Eastern and Western proportions and style ...
Maxwell, Ontario
... Maxwell, Ontario can refer to Maxwell, Grey County, Ontario Maxwell, Hastings County, Ontario ...
Graham Maxwell
... Arthur Graham Crowder Maxwell (18 July 1921 – 28 November 2010), often abbreviated as A ... Graham Maxwell, was a Seventh-day Adventist theologian, and the emeritus professor of New Testament studies at Loma Linda University ... survey of 55 religion teachers at North American Adventist colleges, Maxwell tied for fourth place among most influential Adventist authors ...

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  • (noun): A cgs unit of magnetic flux equal to the flux perpendicular to an area of 1 square centimeter in a magnetic field of 1 gauss.
    Synonyms: Mx

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    Griffin Jay, and Maxwell Shane (1905–1983)

    For who shall defile the temples of the ancient gods, a cruel and violent death shall be his fate, and never shall his soul find rest unto eternity. Such is the curse of Amon-Ra, king of all the gods.
    Griffin Jay, Maxwell Shane (1905–1983)

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    Griffin Jay, Maxwell Shane (1905–1983)