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Illinois Instant Riches - Bonus Games - Pot O' Gold
... The opponent stood at the front of the path, with 8 spaces between the two ... The opponent could take up to three steps at a time, but the champion was charged with predicting which step the opponent would pick ... After the opponent took his/her position, Goodman would ask the champion to press the red button ...
Double Dare (1976 game show) - Game Play
... When a player buzzed-in, his or her opponent's booth was sealed off (doors closed over the front of the booth and the sound was turned off inside) in order to prevent him or her from hearing the guess ... If incorrect, that contestant’s booth was closed, and the opponent’s booth was reopened in order for him or her to see and hear a penalty clue and receive a free guess ... clue in the sequence and given the opportunity to dare his/her opponent to guess the subject based on that clue (if the correct answer was given on a penalty clue, that clue became the "dare clue") ...
Extinction Chess
... elimination of all of a particular kind of piece of the opponent ... the objective is any of the following capture the opponent's king capture the opponent's queen capture both of the opponent's rooks capture both of the opponent's bishops capture ...
Die By The Sword - Hit Locations
... A well-placed swing to the head can in some cases decapitate an opponent ... Strong blows to the arms and legs can sever limbs, leaving the opponent with reduced mobility, or in the case of the sword arm, no way to inflict damage ... encourages multiple hits to a specific region on the body, thereby slowly dismembering the opponent, and reducing his effectiveness ...
Roma Victor - Gameplay - Combat
... a shield had both an automatic calculation and would happen if the opponent accidentally clicked on the player's shield ... It was also possible to disarm an opponent's weapon during a fight ... the attack button while aiming the mouse on a particular part of an opponent's body would attempt to hit exactly that part of the body ...

More definitions of "opponent":

  • (adj): Characterized by active hostility.
    Example: "Opponent (or opposing) armies"
    Synonyms: opposing

Famous quotes containing the word opponent:

    An avant-garde man is like an enemy inside a city he is bent on destroying, against which he rebels; for like any system of government, an established form of expression is also a form of oppression. The avant-garde man is the opponent of an existing system.
    Eugène Ionesco (b. 1912)

    I can entertain the proposition that life is a metaphor for boxing—for one of those bouts that go on and on, round following round, jabs, missed punches, clinches, nothing determined, again the bell and again and you and your opponent so evenly matched it’s impossible not to see that your opponent is you.... Life is like boxing in many unsettling respects. But boxing is only like boxing.
    Joyce Carol Oates (b. 1938)

    The Catholic and the Communist are alike in assuming that an opponent cannot be both honest and intelligent.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)