What is marginal?

  • (adj): At or constituting a border or edge.
    Example: "The marginal strip of beach"
    Synonyms: fringy
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More definitions of "marginal":

  • (adj): Of questionable or minimal quality.
    Example: "Marginal writing ability"
    Synonyms: borderline
  • (adj): Of something or someone close to a lower limit or lower class.
    Example: "Marginal abilities"
  • (adj): Just barely adequate or within a lower limit.
    Example: "A marginal victory"
    Synonyms: bare
  • (adj): Of a bare living gained by great labor.
    Example: "A marginal existence"
    Synonyms: hardscrabble
  • (adj): Producing at a rate that barely covers production costs.
    Example: "Marginal industries"; "marginal land"

Famous quotes containing the word marginal:

    Of course I’m a black writer.... I’m not just a black writer, but categories like black writer, woman writer and Latin American writer aren’t marginal anymore. We have to acknowledge that the thing we call “literature” is more pluralistic now, just as society ought to be. The melting pot never worked. We ought to be able to accept on equal terms everybody from the Hassidim to Walter Lippmann, from the Rastafarians to Ralph Bunche.
    Toni Morrison (b. 1931)

    In realms of knowledge, we bequeath our books,
    And woe pursue who to a master quotes
    The funnier of our witty marginal notes.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    If the individual, or heretic, gets hold of some essential truth, or sees some error in the system being practised, he commits so many marginal errors himself that he is worn out before he can establish his point.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)