What is magical?

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Magical Play
... Magical Play (魔法遊戯 飛び出す!! ハナマル大冒険, Mahō Yūgi Tobidasu!! Hanamaru Daihōken?) is an original net animation featuring character designs by Kiyohiko ... The magical girl satire was later compiled into four half hour episodes and released on four DVDs ...
Diagon Alley - Magical Menagerie
... The Magical Menagerie is a magical creature shop that in addition to selling magical creatures also offers advice on animal care and health ... Among the creatures in the Magical Menagerie are enormous purple toads, a firecrab, poisonous orange snails, a fat white rabbit that can turn into a silk top hat and back, cats ...
Magic In Bartimaeus - Magical Items
... All magical items contain demons/spirits ... The majority of magical artifacts appear to be talismans, which are defined as only usable upon command ...
Corrector Yui
... Yui (コレクターユイ, Korekutā Yui?) is a magical girl anime series created by Kia Asamiya ... This series follows a basic magical-girl progression, and falls into many of the magical girl tropes common in the late nineties ... The series is innovative amongst magical girl series in that Yui's powers all derive from not just the technology she uses, but are incorporated entirely into her on-line avatar, with no real powers ...
Dr. Strange (1978 Film) - Plot
... The primary defender of our world against threats of a magical nature, the Sorcerer Supreme, is presently a man named Thomas Lindmer ... Strange bears his father's magical ring as a sign of this, and he has already sensed something wrong, but does not recognize the importance of these feelings of apprehension ... between good and evil is played out on a magical level, all unbeknownst to the mundane world, to save Clea and thwart Morgan's plans ...

Famous quotes containing the word magical:

    Wondrous hole! Magical hole! Dazzlingly influential hole! Noble and effulgent hole! From this hole everything follows logically: first the baby, then the placenta, then, for years and years and years until death, a way of life. It is all logic, and she who lives by the hole will live also by its logic. It is, appropriately, logic with a hole in it.
    Cynthia Ozick (b. 1928)

    But the life of Spirit is not the life that shrinks from death and keeps itself untouched by devastation, but rather the life that endures it and maintains itself in it. It wins its truth only when, in utter dismemberment, it finds itself.... Spirit is this power only by looking the negative in the face, and tarrying with it. This tarrying with the negative is the magical power that converts it into being. This power is identical with what we earlier called the Subject.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831)

    Something magical happens when parents turn into grandparents. Their attitude changes from “money-doesn’t-grow-on-trees” to spending it like it does.
    Paula Linden (20th century)