Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery Tour is a double EP and LP by the English rock group the Beatles, produced by George Martin, both including the six-song soundtrack to the 1967 film of the same name. The material was released in the United Kingdom on 8 December 1967 as a six-track double EP on the Parlophone label; in the United States the record, released on 27 November 1967, was an eleven-track LP compiled by Capitol Records, adding the band's 1967 single releases. The EP was also released in Germany, France, Spain, Yugoslavia, Australia and Japan. The first official release of the recordings in the UK as an eleven-track LP did not occur until 1976.

The soundtrack was a critical and commercial success, a #1 album in the US and Grammy-nominated, despite the widespread media criticism of the Magical Mystery Tour film.

In 1987 when the Beatles updated its entire recorded canon for digital Compact Disc release, the track-listing of the 1967 US LP release was adopted as the official "core catalogue" version of the Magical Mystery Tour recordings rather than the six-track 1967 UK release which would not have been a practical configuration in the CD era. The album was remastered 9 September 2009 for the first time since its CD release.

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