What is longer?

  • (adj): Having the greater length of two or the greatest length of several.
    Example: "The longer (or long) edge of the door"
    Synonyms: longest
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"Longer" is a song written and recorded by the American singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg. The song can be found on Fogelberg's 1979 album Phoenix. It was also included on his 1982 greatest hits album as well as various other retrospective and compilation recordings.

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Some articles on longer:

.32 S&W
... headspaces on the rim and shares the rim dimensions and case and bullet diameters of the longer.32 S W Long, the.32 H R Magnum cartridges, and the.327 Federal Magnum.32 ... Longer cartridges are unsafe in short chambers, so neither of these longer and more powerful cartridges should be loaded into arms designed for the.32 S W ...
Dasia Haliana - Description
... snout and the distance of the nostril to tip is longer than the diameter of the eye. 8 supraciliaries, with the first being longer than the others ... There are two loreals which are longer than their height ...
Snake Skeleton - Skull - Taxonomic Key of Skull Modifications
... cranium maxillary not half as long as mandible, which is not longer than skull (to occiput) Eryx ... half as long as skull, projecting far beyond cranium mandible much longer than skull Tropidonotus ... projecting far beyond cranium mandible much longer than skull Zamenis ...
A Prison Diary
... The volumes become progressively longer due to his staying being longer and longer at each prison he went to ...
Drug Price Competition And Patent Term Restoration Act - Potential Revisions
... the legislation was enacted because of the concern that overall drug development time was getting longer and longer however, the FDA has done a remarkably good job in cutting back the time for NDA ... Despite this major improvement the human clinical trials are taking even longer ...

More definitions of "longer":

  • (adv): For more time.
    Example: "Can I stay bit longer?"
  • (noun): A person with a strong desire for something.
    Example: "A longer for money"
    Synonyms: thirster, yearner

Famous quotes containing the word longer:

    Electronic aids, particularly domestic computers, will help the inner migration, the opting out of reality. Reality is no longer going to be the stuff out there, but the stuff inside your head. It’s going to be commercial and nasty at the same time.
    —J.G. (James Graham)

    It is time that we start thinking about foundational issues: about our attitudes toward fair trials... Who are the People in a multicultural society?... The victims of discrimination are now organized. Blacks, Jews, gays, women—they will no longer tolerate second-class status. They seek vindication for past grievances in the trials that take place today, the new political trial.
    George P. Fletcher, U.S. law educator. With Justice for Some, p. 6, Addison-Wesley (1995)

    Oh, forgive me. Shaking hands with me is an unpleasant experience. My hands are no longer hands.
    Crane Wilbur (1889–1973)