• (adv): In a typical manner.
    Example: "Tom was typically hostile"

Some articles on typically:

Imperial Japanese Rations
... Typically each ration was served in the field in tin boxes, and cooked near the battlefield ... Typically ΒΌ cup of canned tuna, or sausages, and/or squid would be cooked from either captured locations or hunting in the nearby area ... Preserved foods from Japan typically were issued sparingly ...
... The rice paste is typically made from sweet rice, which has a high starch content and is therefore rather sticky ... The cloth is typically cotton, and the dye is typically indigo, so the design is usually white on blue ...
... Small molecule drugs are not typically regarded as biopharmaceutical in nature by the industry ... When a biopharmaceutical is developed, the company will typically apply for a patent, which is a grant for exclusive manufacturing rights ... They are typically manufactured in a clean room environment with set standards for the amount of airborne particles ...
... Typically used in a setting where a patient has the blood pressure and heart rate monitored constantly, vasoactive drug therapy is typically "titrated" to achieve a desired effect or range of values as determined ... Vasoactive drugs are typically administered using a volumetric infusion device (IV Pump) ...
Marginalism - Application To Price Theory
... Marginalism and neoclassical economics typically explain price formation broadly through the interaction of curves or schedules of supply and demand ... In any case buyers are modelled as pursuing typically lower quantities, and sellers offering typically higher quantities, as price is increased, with each being ...

Famous quotes containing the word typically:

    [Chicago] is the greatest and most typically American of all cities. New York is bigger and more spectacular and can outmatch it in other superlatives, but it is a “world” city, more European in some respects than American.
    John Gunther (1901–1970)