What is knitting?

  • (noun): Needlework created by interlacing yarn in a series of connected loops using straight eyeless needles or by machine.
    Synonyms: knit, knitwork
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Knitting is a method by which thread or yarn is turned into cloth or other fine crafts. Knitted fabric consists of consecutive rows of loops, called stitches. As each row progresses, a new loop is pulled through an existing loop. The active stitches are held on a needle until another loop can be passed through them. This process eventually results in a fabric, often used for garments.

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... Live at the Knitting Factory may refer to a number of live concert releases by several musicians, usually referring to recordings at the New York music venue, the Knitting Factory ... These include More Live at the Knitting Factory by Charles Gayle Solo Sessions Vol. 1 Live at the Knitting Factory by John Legend Live at the Knitting Factory (Roscoe Mitchell album) Naked City Live, Vol ...
Spool Knitting
... Spool knitting, corking, French knitting or tomboy knitting is a form of knitting that uses a spool and a number of nails to produce a narrow tube of fabric, similar ... Spool knitting is a traditional way to teach children the basic principles of knitting ...
Supreme Tex Mart - Products
... It produces Yarns for knitting and weaving (in grey and dyed) in noble fibres such as- Hand Knitting Yarns, Hosiery Machine Knitting Yarns, Cotton ...
Textile Manufacturing By Pre-industrial Methods - Fabric Formation - Knitting
... Flat knitting is done on a set of single point knitting needles, and the knitter goes back and forth, adding rows ... In Circular knitting, or "knitting in the round", the knitter knits around a circle, creating a tube ...
Knitting - Health Benefits
... Studies have shown that knitting, along with other forms of needlework, provide several significant health benefits ... the rhythmic and repetitive action of knitting can “help prevent and manage stress, pain and depression, which in turn strengthens the body’s immune ... http//www.prlog.org/10179509-knitting-and-crochet-offer-long-term-health-benefits.html as well as create a relaxation response in the body which can decrease blood pressure, heart rate, help ...

More definitions of "knitting":

  • (noun): Creating knitted wear.

Famous quotes containing the word knitting:

    your antlers like seaweed,
    your face like a wolf’s death mask,
    your mouth a virgin, your nose a nipple,
    your legs muscled up like knitting balls,
    your neck mournful as an axe....
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    Nor the tame will, nor timid brain,
    Nor heavy knitting of the brow
    Bred that fierce tooth and cleanly limb
    And threw him up to laugh on the bough;
    No government appointed him.
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)