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Health Insurance In The United States - Private Health Care Coverage - Employer-sponsored
... Employer-sponsored health insurance is paid for by businesses on behalf of their employees as part of an employee benefit package ... Most private (non-government) health coverage in the US is employment-based ... Nearly all large employers in America offer group health insurance to their employees ...
Digital Dog - Roles With Humans - Health Benefits For Humans
... mixed as to whether companionship of a dog can enhance human physical health and psychological wellbeing ... Studies suggesting that there are benefits to physical heath and psychological wellbeing have been criticised for being poorly controlled, and finding that "he health of elderly people is related to ... general practitioner services, or any psychological or physical benefits on health for community dwelling older people ...
Liposuction - Health Benefits
... Whether or not liposuction provides the health benefits commonly associated with achieving weight loss through other means is a matter of debate in scientific circles ...

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    When your parents are in political life, you aren’t normal. Everybody talks about the benefits, but I don’t know what the benefits are.... But I’d rather have that kind of mother than an overweight housewife.
    Katherine Berman Mariano (b. 1957)

    All health and success does me good, however far off and withdrawn it may appear; all disease and failure helps to make me sad and does me evil, however much sympathy it may have with me or I with it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)