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Redeemer Lutheran College - Controversy
... The first of these dealt with claims made by Helen Darville in interviews regarding her background ... Among these claims were remarks that she had been looked down upon for being at the school on a scholarship and also that she had befriended a Croatian girl who had been bullied by ... The College refuted both claims, demonstrating that it had never had a scholarship program (although limited bursaries existed and continue to exist for already-enrolled ...
Kevin Trudeau - Other Criticisms - Unsubstantiated Claims
... Trudeau has been criticized for his inability to provide evidence to back up his claims ... He now claims on his infomercials that the university destroyed its findings to prevent reprisals from the pharmaceutical industry ...
Ross Geller - Career
... In season six "The One on the Last Night", Ross claims to have "given up a career in basketball" to become a palaeontologist ... advertising and in "The One with the Mugging", Ross claims that he invented the phrase "Got Milk?" ... He also claims to have had the original idea for Jurassic Park ...
Hans Guido Mutke - Claims
... he attribute these phenomena to the effects of supersonic flight and claim to be the first person to break the sound barrier ... This claim is disputed, and there are a number of other pilots and countries that claim the first supersonic flight ... Therefore, it is not possible to either prove or disprove his claims, and there is much discussion among experts as to whether the Me 262 was able to break the sound barrier ...
Scientific Skepticism - Examples
... that scientifically skeptical literature questions include health claims surrounding certain foods, procedures, and alternative medicines the plausibility and existence of supernatural abilities (e ... design, dowsing, conspiracy theories, and other claims the skeptic sees as unlikely to be true on scientific grounds ... Randi have become famous for debunking claims related to some of these ...

Famous quotes containing the word claims:

    Before anything else, we need a new age of Enlightenment. Our present political systems must relinquish their claims on truth, justice and freedom and have to replace them with the search for truth, justice, freedom and reason.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)

    Every man finds a sanction for his simplest claims and deeds, in decisions of his own mind, which he calls Truth and Holiness.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    A clumsy fool claims his knife is blunt.
    Chinese proverb.