What is kiss?

  • (noun): The act of caressing with the lips (or an instance thereof).
    Synonyms: buss, osculation
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A kiss is the act of pressing one's lips against the lips or other body parts of another person or of an object. Cultural connotations of kissing vary widely. Depending on the culture and context, a kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship and good luck, among many others. In some situations a kiss is a ritual, formal or symbolic gesture indicating devotion, respect or greeting, as in the case of spouses kissing at the conclusion of a wedding ceremony or national leaders kissing each other in greeting, and in many other situations.

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More definitions of "kiss":

  • (verb): Touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc..
    Synonyms: buss, osculate
  • (noun): A light glancing touch.
    Example: "There was a brief kiss of their hands in passing"
  • (noun): A cookie made of egg whites and sugar.
  • (verb): Touch lightly or gently.
    Example: "The blossoms were kissed by the soft rain"
  • (noun): Any of several bite-sized candies.

Famous quotes containing the word kiss:

    George Taylor: Doctor, I’d like to kiss you goodbye.
    Zira: All right, but you’re so damned ugly.
    Michael Wilson (1914–1978)

    These o protect from step Dames injury.
    And if chance to thine eyes shall bring this verse,
    With some sad sighs honour my absent Herse;
    And kiss this paper for thy loves dear sake,
    Who with salt tears this last Farewel did take.
    Anne Bradstreet (c. 1612–1672)

    And when you sigh from kiss to kiss
    I hear white Beauty sighing, too,
    For hours when all must fade like dew....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)