What is issue?

  • (noun): One of a series published periodically.
    Example: "She found an old issue of the magazine in her dentist's waitingroom"
    Synonyms: number
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More definitions of "issue":

  • (noun): The act of issuing printed materials.
    Synonyms: publication
  • (verb): Bring out an official document (such as a warrant).
  • (noun): An important question that is in dispute and must be settled.
    Example: "The issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone"; "politicians never discuss the real issues"
  • (noun): The provision of something by issuing it (usually in quantity).
    Example: "A new issue of stamps"; "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago"
    Synonyms: issuing, issuance
  • (noun): An opening that permits escape or release.
    Example: "The canyon had only one issue"
    Synonyms: exit, outlet, way out
  • (noun): The immediate descendants of a person.
    Example: "He died without issue"
    Synonyms: offspring, progeny
  • (verb): Circulate or distribute or equip with.
    Example: "Issue a new uniform to the children"
    Synonyms: supply

Famous quotes containing the word issue:

    For Banquo’s issue have I filed my mind;
    For them the gracious Duncan have I murdered;
    Put rancors in the vessel of my peace
    Only for them; and mine eternal jewel
    Given to the common enemy of man,
    To make them kings, the seeds of Banquo kings!
    William Shakespeare (1564–1616)

    An artist is a man of action, whether he creates a personality, invents an expedient, or finds the issue of a complicated situation.
    Joseph Conrad (1857–1924)

    Most people see no reason to stop arguing just because an issue has been decided.
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)