What is interview?

  • (verb): Conduct an interview in television, newspaper, and radio reporting.
    Synonyms: question
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An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee.

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Famous Interviews
1957-1960 The Mike Wallace Interview - 30-minute television program interviews conducted by Mike Wallace 1968 Interviews with Phil Ochs - an interview of folk singer Phil Ochs ... watched event in American television history as well as the most watched interview ever, with an audience of one hundred million. 1993 Birthday Cake Interview - an interview of Dr ...
Walt Disney World International Program - Application Process
... Some countries hold a preliminary interview (usually by phone) before issuing an invitation to a scheduled Walt Disney World International Program presentation and interview ... weeks before a scheduled presentation and interview ... the invitation is issued at the end of the phone interview ...
Anwar Ibrahim - Media and News
... Interviews "Interview with Anwar Ibrahim" The Diplomat, 9 September 2009 "A Talk with Malaysia's Anwar Ibrahim" BusinessWeek, 10 April 2007 ... hosted by Riz Khan, Al-Jazeera English, 30 November 2006 Bloomberg News Interview with Kathleen Hayes Bloomberg TV, 29 November 2006 "Saying no to corruption" Fortune Magazine, 23 October 2006 "A ... Islam in Southeast Asia" Interview by Pew Forum on Religion Public Life, 7 April 2006 Foreign Exchange interview hosted by Fareed Zakaria (Scroll to middle of page for transcript ...
Relations Between Catholicism And Judaism - Significant Outstanding Issues - Media Treatment of The Church
... In a May 2002 interview with the Italian-Catholic publication 30 Giorni, Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga claimed that Jews influenced the media to exploit the recent controversy regarding sexual abuse by ... a number of young men, put the blame on a nebulous "Jewish radical chic" in an interview with the Corriere della Sera ... scandal's exposure as a refined "Zionist attack" in an April 2010 newspaper interview ...

More definitions of "interview":

  • (verb): Go for an interview in the hope of being hired.
    Example: "The job candidate interviewed everywhere"
  • (noun): The questioning of a person (or a conversation in which information is elicited); often conducted by journalists.
    Example: "My interviews with teen-agers revealed a weakening of religious bonds"
  • (verb): Discuss formally with (somebody) for the purpose of an evaluation.
    Example: "We interviewed the job candidates"

Famous quotes containing the word interview:

    The desire of most parents is first and foremost to do what is best for their children. Every interview with a mother or father confirms this, every letter written by a parent breathes this deep-seated wish, “I hope I am doing the right thing for my child.” This is real and honest, and at the very base of parenthood.
    Irma Simonton Black (20th century)