Punk Rock

Punk rock is a rock music genre that developed between 1974 and 1976 in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Rooted in garage rock and other forms of what is now known as protopunk music, punk rock bands eschewed perceived excesses of mainstream 1970s rock. Punk bands created fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishment lyrics. Punk embraces a DIY ethic; many bands self-produced recordings and distributed them through informal channels.

The term "punk" was first used in relation to rock music by some American critics in the early 1970s, to describe garage bands and their devotees. By late 1976, bands such as the Ramones in New York City and the Sex Pistols and The Clash in London were recognized as the vanguard of a new musical movement. The following year saw punk rock spreading around the world, and it became a major cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom. For the most part, punk took root in local scenes that tended to reject association with the mainstream. An associated punk subculture emerged, expressing youthful rebellion and characterized by distinctive styles of clothing and adornment and a variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies.

By the beginning of the 1980s, faster, more aggressive styles such as hardcore and Oi! had become the predominant mode of punk rock. Musicians identifying with or inspired by punk also pursued a broad range of other variations, giving rise to post-punk and the alternative rock movement. By the start of the 21st century, pop punk had been adopted by the mainstream, as bands such as Green Day and The Offspring brought the genre widespread popularity.

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... Los Angeles, California, USA 1985–2001 Lagwagon Goleta, California, USA 1990–present A pop punk band discovered by NOFX frontman Fat Mike, who signed them to his label Fat Wreck Chords ... Lard Chicago, Illinois, USA 1989–2000 A hardcore punk/industrial band formed by Jello Biafra ... Campbell, California, USA 2001–04 A street punk band with songs about drinking, fighting, drugs, sex, and other aspects of street life ...
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1993–present Raised Fist Luleå, Sweden 1993–present A hardcore punk band that got its name from the lyrics of Rage Against the Machine's song "Know Your Enemy" ... Queens, New York City, New York, USA 1974–96 A band that is often regarded as one of the first punk rock groups to come out of the United States ... Rancid Albany, California, USA 1991–present A punk rock/ska punk band that has been credited with reviving mainstream popular interest in punk rock in the ...
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... punk-identified single to reach the top ten, built on a "schoolyard-chant verse and na-na-na chorus" ...
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... Fox (Fox Tard), formerly of Toronto punk bands Delirium Tremor, Shitloads of Fuck-All and Los Goblynz, joined as bassist ... It was at this time that the band was signed by Preston Sims of Toronto punk label Wounded Paw to record their first album, Greatest Hits, Vol 2 ... to be a pivotal moment for The 3tards as they were quickly embraced by the all ages punk rock scene ...
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... Manic Hispanic is a punk rock/Chicano rock band from Orange County and Los Angeles, California ... They are a semi-parodic act that plays cover versions of punk rock and hardcore punk "standards" by slightly renaming songs and adjusting lyrics to address Chicano culture ... Manic Hispanic is a punk supergroup made up of former and/or current members of The Adolescents, The Grabbers, Punk Rock Karaoke, The X-Members, 22 Jacks, Final Conflict, Agent Orange, Death by Stereo ...

Famous quotes containing the words rock and/or punk:

    Glorious things of thee are spoken, Zion city of our God!
    He, whose word cannot be broken, Form’d for thee his own abode:
    On the rock of ages founded, What can shake thy sure repose?
    With salvation’s walls surrounded Thou may’st smile at all thy foes.
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    When there’s no future
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    We’re the flowers in the dustbin
    We’re the poison in your human machine
    We’re the future
    Your future
    God Save the Queen
    The Sex Pistols, British punk band (1976-1979)