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Short Time Duty - Device Applications - Protection
... there is a built-in device protection in form for instance of a fusible in electrical devices (for instance in a halogen lamp to prevent damage from use of too high power bulbs) or in form ...
Method (computer Science) - Static Methods
... Static methods neither require an instance of the class nor can they implicitly access the data (or this, self, Me, etc.) of such an instance ... called on and not dynamically as in the case with instance methods which are resolved polymorphically based on the runtime type of the object ...
Courts Of Norway - Courts
... The District Courts are deemed to be the first instance of the Courts of Justice ... Jury (High) Courts are the second instance and the Supreme Court is the third instance ...
Closest String - Simplifications and Data Reductions - Normalizing The Input
... An input instance with this property is called normalized ... If we have a solution to the modified instance, we can find the original instance by remapping the characters of the solution to its original version in every column ... strings according to a certain permutation and obtain a solution string s to that modified instance, then will be a solution to the original instance ...
Scott Johnson (cartoonist) - Podcasts - The Instance
... The Instance is a weekly award-winning World of Warcraft podcast started in 2006 by Johnson and then-ExtraLife Radio host Andrew Konietzky, both of whom noticed a lack of podcasts dedicated to the MMO ... of the show) and William "Dills" Gregory (a member and raider in the Instance guild, alea iacta est) ...

More definitions of "instance":

  • (noun): An occurrence of something.
    Example: "Another instance occurred yesterday"
    Synonyms: case, example

Famous quotes containing the word instance:

    That the discovery of this great truth, which lies so near and obvious to the mind, should be attained to by the reason of so very few, is a sad instance of the stupidity and inattention of men, who, though they are surrounded with such clear manifestations of the Deity, are yet so little affected by them, that they seem as it were blinded with excess of light.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)

    Every landscape which is dreary enough has a certain beauty to my eyes, and in this instance its permanent qualities were enhanced by the weather. Everything told of the sea, even when we did not see its waste or hear its roar.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)