What is innkeeper?

  • (noun): The owner or manager of an inn.
    Synonyms: host, boniface

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Symkyn - Source
... one told in Day IX, Tale 6 of that set of Italian tales, in which two clerks lodge with an innkeeper for the night ... One of the clerks, who has long been an admirer of the innkeeper's daughter, slips into her bed while she is asleep and, after her fears are overcome, they both enjoy sex ... Later, a cat wakes up the innkeeper's wife and she gets up to investigate ...
Gasparone - Synopsis
... He leans on the innkeeper, who owes him back mortgage payments ... The innkeeper can make ends meet only by petty smuggling as Gasparone, which is soon discovered by a visiting nobleman, who makes him set up a prank by which the nobleman ... When the Mayor's son treats the innkeepers' wife badly, and the innkeeper is put upon by the nobleman to pay another prank on the Mayor, the innkeeper plots revenge as Gasparone ...
Piel Island - The Ship Inn
... However, the privilege afforded to knights is that they may demand food and lodging off the innkeeper should they be shipwrecked on Piel ... to an Edward Postlethwaite, who is described as an innkeeper from the ‘Pile of Fowdrey’ ... In 1813 a visitor paints a vivid picture of the life of the innkeeper at that time "There is a public-house on the island, the only habitation, tenanted ...
Leopard Shark - Biology and Ecology - Feeding
... fish eggs, clams, and the echiurid fat innkeeper worm (Urechis caupo) ... sharks examined have had stomachs containing whole innkeeper worms with no bite marks, suggesting that the sharks sucked them out of their burrows ... innkeeper worms and cancrid crabs in Tomales Bay, jack silverside (Atherinopsis californiensis) eggs and the crabs Romaleon antennarium and Metacarcinus magister in ...
The Innkeeper's Wife
... The Innkeeper's Wife is a 1958 Christmas story, written by A ... The story is about the wife of the innkeeper in Bethlehem who had no room for Mary and Joseph to spend the night ... in "K" Country Doctor Vigil in the Night The Valorous Years Adventures of a Black Bag The Innkeeper's Wife Further Adventures of a Black Bag Doctor Finlay of Tannochbrae Play Jupiter Laughs Autobiography ...

Famous quotes containing the word innkeeper:

    He has been described as “an innkeeper who hated his guests, a philosopher, and poet who left no written record of his thought, a despiser of women who gave all he had to one, an aristocrat, a proletarian, a pagan, an arcadian, an atheist, a lover of beauty, and, inadvertently, the stepfather of domestic science in America.”
    —Administration in the State of Colo, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)