What is illegal?

  • (adj): Prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules.
    Example: "An illegal chess move"


Illegal, or unlawful, is used to describe something that is prohibited or not authorized by law.

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Mobile Phone Jammer - Legalities
... Armenia illegal Australia illegal to operate, supply or possess Belgium illegal to sell, possess and operate (licensed part of the spectrum) ... Brazil illegal, but installation in jails have been proposed ... Canada illegal, except by federal law-enforcement agencies who have obtained approval People's Republic of China Used by the Education government department as a method of ...
Illegal, Unreported And Unregulated Fishing - Political Processes - UN High Seas Processes
... measures to prevent, deter and eliminate illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing) that would close ports to vessels suspected of illegal fishing ...
Economic Impact Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States - Economic Costs of Illegal Immigrants - Legal Expenses Due To Illegal Immigrants
... centers that are currently housing thousands of illegal immigrants each day ... ICE detention centers in the southwest border areas handle groups of 100 of these illegal entrants twice a day ... interior enforcement cost far more than the tax savings they generated from reduced illegal presence in the United States ...
Economic Impact Of Illegal Immigrants In The United States
... The economic impact of illegal immigration to the United States is a matter of study and debate relating to the nation's economy and politics ... Illegal immigrants contribute both benefits and costs to the U.S ... At the most basic level, illegal immigrants purchase goods and services and contribute labor and tax dollars while requiring services such as healthcare, education and law enforcement ...

Famous quotes containing the word illegal:

    Consider the vice president, George Bush, a man so bedeviled by bladder problems that he managed, for the last eight years, to be in the men’s room whenever an important illegal decision was made.
    Barbara Ehrenreich (b. 1941)

    No more astounding relic of the subjection of women survives in western civilization than the status of the prostitute.... In connection with what other illegal vice is the seller alone penalized, and not the buyer?
    Crystal Eastman (1881–1928)

    It ought to be illegal for an artist to marry.... If the artist must marry let him find someone more interested in art, or his art, or the artist part of him, than in him. After which let them take tea together three times a week.
    Ezra Pound (1885–1972)