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Bertie Ahern - Early Political Career
... Ahern first became involved in a Fianna Fáil by-election campaign in 1965, climbing lamp posts to hang election posters in Drumcondra ... Ahern became a member of Fianna Fáil at the age of 17, and in the 1969 general election he assisted with the election campaign in his constituency ... the landslide 1977 general election, when Fianna Fáil formed the last single-party government with a 20-seat Dáil majority, the largest ever ...
Progressive Democrats
... on 21 December 1985 by Desmond O'Malley and other politicians who had split from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, the Progressive Democrats took liberal positions on divorce, contraception, and other ... at the 1987 general election, winning 14 seats in Dáil Éireann and capturing almost 12 percent of the popular vote to temporarily surpass the Labour Party as Ireland's third largest political party ... again won more than 10 seats in the Dáil, they formed coalition governments with Fianna Fáil during the 26th Dáil (1989–92), the 28th Dáil (1997–2002), the ...
Government Of The 15th Dáil
... The 15th Dáil was elected at the 1954 general election on 18 May 1954 and first met on 2 June when the 7th Government of Ireland was appointed ... The 15th Dáil lasted for 1,022 days ...
Progressive Democrats - General Election Results
... Election Dáil Share of votes Seats Outcome of election 1987 25th 11.9% 14 Fianna Fáil government 1989 26th 5.5% 6 Fianna Fáil–Progressive Democrats government 1992 27th 4.7 ...
... il may also be the third-person singular masculine personal pronoun he, or the expletive pronoun it (as in 'it rains', il pleut), in French language one of the ...

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  • (adj): Being nine more than forty.
    Synonyms: forty-nine, 49