What is hex?

  • (verb): Cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something.
    Synonyms: bewitch, glamour, witch, enchant, jinx
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Hex - Other Uses
... Helsinki Stock Exchange Hexcentric, an item of climbing protection equipment Hex River, the name of two rivers in South Africa Hex key, a tool used to drive ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Heroes - Jonah Hex
... Voice Actor Phil Morris Jonah Hex is a disfigured mercenary and ally of Batman ... Hex is grateful of Batman's help, but mocks his costume, (the first of several to do so, including the Demon and Wong Fei) tossing him a coin so that Batman could buy ... in front of the lady." In "Duel of the Double Crossers!", Mongul brings Jonah Hex to the present and would return him to the past in exchange that he brings Batman to War World ...
Technology Of The Discworld - Magical Technologies - Hex
... Hex is an elaborate, magic-powered computer housed at Unseen University (UU) in the city of Ankh-Morpork Hex is a computer unlike any other the Disc has ever seen (which ... Hex runs and evolves under the watchful eyes of wizard Ponder Stibbons, who becomes the de facto IT manager at UU because he's the only one who understands ... Hex has its origins in a device that briefly appeared in Soul Music, created by Ponder Stibbons and some student Wizards in the High Energy Magic building ...
Catan: Traders & Barbarians - Variant: The Friendly Robber
... scenario - it stipulates that the robber (and the pirate) may not be moved to a hex bordering settlements belonging to a player with two victory points (or fewer—possible with the Poor Settler tile in The Rivers of ... Should the robber not be able to move to any hex, the robber is moved to a desert hex (or presumably removed entirely from the game board if the variation does not have ... If the robber is moved to a desert hex (either intentionally or as a result of this rule), the player moving the robber may only take resources from players with at least three victory ...
HEX (disambiguation)
... A hex is a magical spell, usually with malevolent purposes such as a curse ... Hex or HEX may also refer to ...

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  • (adj): Of or pertaining to a number system having 16 as its base.
    Synonyms: hexadecimal