What is Grace?

  • (noun): A sense of propriety and consideration for others.
    Synonyms: seemliness
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Nickolas Grace - 1993–present
... loosely hospital based sketch show Inside Victor Lewis-Smith, Grace played Marcus Green, the long-suffering husband of Dorien in Birds of a Feather, in a couple of episodes between 1989 ... Grace played Underling the Butler in The Drowsy Chaperone with Elaine Paige at the Novello Theatre, which ended its run on 4 August 2007 ... In 2012, Grace is currently starring in Chariots of Fire, the stage adaptation of the film of the same title ...
Nickolas Grace
... Nickolas Grace (born 21 November 1947) is an English actor known for his roles on television, including Anthony Blanche in the acclaimed ITV adaptation of Brideshead ... Grace also played Dorien Green's husband Marcus in the 1990s British comedy series Birds of a Feather ...
Grace, Replaced - Reception
... Grace, Replaced" brought in 12.9 million American viewers upon its original broadcast in the United States, and making it the seventh highest-rated show ... Originally, Will Grace aired on Mondays, but due to insufficient viewership, NBC decided to move the program to Tuesdays at 930 p.m ... change suggested that NBC felt that Will Grace had a better chance of becoming a success than the current sitcom Jesse ...
Grace Road - History
... The land which Grace Road is built on was bought by Leicestershire County Cricket Club in 1877 from the then Duke of Rutland and spent the massive sum of £40,000 on developing a cricket club ... Grace ... Leicestershire left the Grace Road site in 1901 due to lack of public transport to the ground causing low crowds ...
J. Peter Grace - Politics
... Peter Grace was head of the Commerce Department Committee on the Alliance for Progress ... Peter Grace to lead The Grace Commission on waste and inefficiency in the Federal government, said We have a problem that's been 40 years in the making, and we have to find ways to solve it ... Starting with Peter Grace, we just wanted to get the very best people we could find, and I think we were successful ...

More definitions of "Grace":

  • (noun): Elegance and beauty of movement or expression.
    Synonyms: gracility
  • (noun): A disposition to kindness and compassion; benign good will.
    Example: "The victor's grace in treating the vanquished"
    Synonyms: good will, goodwill
  • (noun): (Bhristian theology) a state of sanctification by God; the state of one who under such divine influence.
    Example: "The conception of grace developed alongside the conception of sin"; "it was debated whether saving grace could be obtained outside the membership of the church"; "the Virgin lived in a state of grace"
    Synonyms: saving grace, state of grace
  • (noun): (Christian theology) the free and unmerited favor or beneficence of God.
    Example: "God's grace is manifested in the salvation of sinners"; "there but for the grace of God go I"
    Synonyms: grace of God, free grace
  • (noun): (Greek mythology) one of three sisters who were the givers of beauty and charm; a favorite subject for sculptors.

Famous quotes containing the word grace:

    Humans need justice in the here and now and grace in the thereafter. Justice in the here and now is possible only without freedom, and grace in the thereafter only through the freedom of God.
    Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1921–1990)

    But our old subtle foe so tempteth me
    That not one hour I can myself sustain.
    Thy grace may wing me to prevent his art,
    And thou like adamant draw mine iron heart.
    John Donne (1572–1631)

    We raised a simple prayer
    Before we left the spot,
    That in the general mowing
    That place might be forgot;
    Or if not all so favored,
    Obtain such grace of hours
    That none should mow the grass there
    While so confused with flowers.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)