What is flight deck?

  • (noun): The upper deck of an aircraft carrier; used as a runway.
    Synonyms: landing deck

Flight Deck

The flight deck of an aircraft carrier is the surface from which its aircraft take off and land, essentially a miniature airfield at sea. On smaller naval ships which do not have aviation as a primary mission, the landing area for helicopters and other VTOL aircraft is also referred to as the flight deck. The official U.S. Navy term for these vessels is "aviation capable ships".

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Mk 101 Lulu
... would result from the bomb being intentionally dropped in flight ... if an armed Mk 101 bomb accidentally fell off an aircraft whilst it was parked on the flight deck of a warship and then rolled overboard, it could automatically detonate when it sank to the preset depth ... one would "fall off" an aircraft on the flight deck ...
History Of The Aircraft Carrier - Genesis of The Flat-deck Carrier - Flat-deck Carriers in World War I
... times between 1915 and 1925 first, while still under construction, it was modified to receive a flight deck on the fore-deck in 1917 it was reconstructed with ...
Flight Deck - Modern Innovations - Flexible Decks
... tested but never put into service was the "flexible" or "rubber deck." In the early jet age it was seen that by eliminating the landing gear for carrier borne aircraft the inflight ... This led to the concept of a deck that would absorb the energy of landing ... flown by test pilot Eric "Winkle" Brown onto the rubber deck fitted to HMS Warrior, and Supermarine designed its Type 508 for rubber deck landings ...
Shimane Maru Class Escort Carrier - Design and Description
... The conversion consisted of fitting a full-length flight deck, a small hangar, and a single elevator ... The flight deck was 154.99 m (508 feet 6 inches) long and had a maximum width of 23.01 m (75 feet 6 inches) ... The hangar, built on top of the well deck, was served by a single elevator from the flight deck ...
Modern United States Navy Carrier Air Operations - Flight Deck Crew - Aircraft Directors
... for directing all aircraft movement on the hangar and flight decks ... On some carriers, commissioned officers known as flight deck officers also serve as aircraft directors ... During flight operations or during a flight deck "re-spot", there are typically about 12-15 yellowshirts on the flight deck, and they report directly to the "ha ...

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