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Felix (Latin for "happy" or "lucky") is a male given name and surname. See Felix (name) for individuals so named.

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Felix, Qui Potuit Rerum Cognoscere Causas - Uses
... This sentence is often written with a present tense instead of the past tense “Felix, qui potest rerum cognoscere causas” (“Fortunate is he ...
List Of Operas By Johann Adam Hiller
... Weiber, oder Der Teufel ist los, erster Theil comische Oper 3 acts WeisseChristian Felix Weiße, after Charles Coffey's The Devil to Pay, or The Wives Metamorphos'd, and Michel-Jean Sedaine 1766-05-2828 ...
Art And Remembrance: The Legacy Of Felix Nussbaum
... Art and Remembrance The Legacy of Felix Nussbaum is a 1993 documentary directed by Barbara Pfeffer, which explores the life of Jewish artist, Felix Nussbaum ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Villains - Felix Faust
... Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker Felix Faust is a sorcerer with vast mystic powers ... In "Night of the Huntress!", Felix Faust makes a cameo as one of the inmates trying to escape Blackgate Prison ... Felix Faust plays a major role in "The Criss-Cross Conspiracy!", where he helps the retired Batwoman commit revenge against the Riddler by performing a spell ...
Famous Ship's Cats - Felix
... Felix was the ship's cat aboard the Mayflower II when it set sail from Devon, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts, U.S.A ... Photos and stories about Felix appeared in National Geographic, Life, and Yankee magazine after his arrival in the U.S ... of the Mayflower II wrote a children's book about Felix entitled Felix and his Mayflower II Adventures ...

Famous quotes containing the word felix:

    With us justice is the true measure of religion.
    —Marcus Minucius Felix (2nd or 3rd cen. A.D.)

    Careless credulity makes them the prey of those they trusted; and then they repeat their
    mistake by suspecting all alike.
    —Marcus Minucius Felix (2nd or 3rd cen. A.D.)

    You punish crimes committed, with us the thought of crime is a sin; you fear the voice of witness, we the sole voice of conscience.
    —Marcus Minucius Felix (2nd or 3rd cen. A.D.)