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Ambatielos Case (Greece V. United Kingdom)
... Nicolas Eustache Ambatielos and the British government, from whom he had commissioned nine ships at an agreed price and delivery date ... When the British government missed every deadline, the resulting financial losses caused Ambatielos to fail to meet payments, eventually resulting in the. 1952, Greece took the UK to the International Court of Justice, claiming that the British Board of Trade disregarded British legal protocol by failing to fully disclose to the court the delivery dates ...
Lakshmeshwar Singh - Biography
... The British Government placed the estate of Darbhanga under Court of Wards since the heirs to the estate were minors ... family priests, and the Tutors appointed by the British Government, who wanted him to be free from Zenana influence ... Singh's death) received a western education from Government appointed tutors as well as a traditional Indian education from a Sanskrit Pandit, one of his uncles, a Maulvi and a Bengali gentleman ...
Baling Talks - The Talks
... The talks took place in the Government English School at Baling on December 28 ... in the Legislative Council on 30 November that the British Government no longer considered "the Continuation of the Emergency" as "an obstacle to the Federation's advance to self-government" ... The British Government intended to enter the London talks in January "on that understanding" ...
Shifta War - Background
... Throughout much of the 20th century, the Northern Frontier District (NFD) was a part of British East Africa ... of Marsabit, Moyale and Isiolo, was closed by British colonial authorities ... Anthropologist John Baxter noted in 1953 that On 26 June 1960, four days before granting British Somaliland independence, the British government declared that all Somali areas should be unified in one ...
Sultanate Of Egypt - History
... movement that coalesced and spread after the British military intervention and occupation of 1882 ... to Egyptians as the 1919 Revolution, however, were British actions during the war that caused widespread hardship and resentment ... of the country as a base and a garrison populated by British, Australian, and other troops ...

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    In using the strong hand, as now compelled to do, the government has a difficult duty to perform. At the very best, it will by turns do both too little and too much. It can properly have no motive of revenge, no purpose to punish merely for punishment’s sake. While we must, by all available means, prevent the overthrow of the government, we should avoid planting and cultivating too many thorns in the bosom of society.
    Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865)

    Absolute monarchy,... is the easiest death, the true Euthanasia of the BRITISH constitution.

    David Hume (1711–1776)