What is engine room?

  • (noun): A room (as on a ship) in which the engine is located.
    Synonyms: engineering

Engine Room

On a ship, the engine room, or ER, commonly refers to the machinery spaces of a vessel. To increase the safety and damage survivability of a vessel, the machinery necessary for operations may be segregated into various spaces. The engine room is one of these spaces, and is generally the largest physical compartment of the machinery space. The engine room houses the vessel's prime mover, usually some variations of a heat engine - diesel engine, gas or steam turbine. On some ships, the machinery space may comprise more than one engine room, such as forward and aft, or port or starboard engine rooms, or may be simply numbered.

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Leander Class Cruiser (1882) - Design - Establishment of Ship's Company
... Note the way that the engine room establishment officers are not listed with the officers.) Type Number Officers 18 Petty officers 41 Seamen and other ratings 100 Boys 13 Marines 36 ... to have been too large." The opinion of the captain of the Arethusa was that the "engine room complement insufficient by 2 engine room artificers, 2 leading stokers, and 23 ...
Chief Engineer - Overview
... responsibility being split between the two posts the Chief Engineer taking responsibility for engine room and maintenance and the Captain taking responsibility for navigation and ... oil transfers, all major maintenance, prepares the engine room for inspection by local marine/safety authorities (e.g ... Coast Guard) and is in charge of the engine room during emergency situations ...
Engine Room - History
... Engine rooms were separated from its associated Fire room on fighting ships from the 1880s through the 1960s ... If either experienced damage putting it out of action, the associated engine room could get steam from another fire room ...
Ratings In The Merchant Navy
... Deck Department Engine Room Department Catering Department 1919 Deckboy Boy Ordinary Seaman Assistant Cook (21-59 white crew or 26-74 mixed crew) Assistant Steward (21-59 white crew or 26-74 mixed crew ...
Shoshone (Snake River Sternwheeler) - Run Through Hells Canyon - Down The Canyon
... drift down with the current, then run the engines in reverse to gain steering control in the rapids ... boat was twisting and wracking and then a boiler valve broke, filling the engine room with steam ... into a whirlpool, and a huge wall of water came aboard, breaking into and nearly flooding the engine room, washing big chunks of cordwood all about the engine room floor ...

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    There is something so settled and stodgy about turning a great romance into next of kin on an emergency room form, and something so soothing and special, too.
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    Industrial man—a sentient reciprocating engine having a fluctuating output, coupled to an iron wheel revolving with uniform velocity. And then we wonder why this should be the golden age of revolution and mental derangement.
    Aldous Huxley (1894–1963)