What is ecumenical?

  • (adj): Concerned with promoting unity among churches or religions.
    Example: "Ecumenical thinking"; "ecumenical activities"; "the ecumenical movement"
    Synonyms: ecumenic, oecumenic, oecumenical
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Catholic Ecumenical Councils
... Catholic Ecumenical Councils include 21 councils over a period of 1700 years ... throughout history, in today's Roman Catholic understanding Ecumenical Councils are assemblies of Patriarchs, Cardinals, residing Bishops, Abbots, male ... Ecumenical councils are different from provincial councils, where bishops of a Church province or region meet ...
Maria Regina Martyrum - Ecumenical Activities
... There is a close Ecumenical cooperation with the nearby Protestant Church of Plötzensee, which is also designed as a memorial for the victims of National Socialism ... The most important ecumenical memorial events of these churches are the Ecumenical Plötzensee Days every January and the annual anniversary of the assassination-attempt of ...
List Of Heresies In Catholicism
... Eastern Orthodox Church officially declares a heresy only at an ecumenical council, and currently only accepts the First seven Ecumenical Councils as ecumenical ... Further information First seven Ecumenical Councils ...
Timeline Of Religion - Middle Ages (5th To 15th Century) - 5th To 9th Century
... separates from the See of Antioch and the western Syrian Church 431 The third Ecumenical Council, the Council of Ephesus, is held as a result of the controversial ... Originally convened as an Ecumenical council, its ecumenicality is rejected and is denounced as a latrocinium by the Chalcedonian. 451 The fourth Ecumenical Council, the Council of Chalcedon rejects the Eutychian doctrine of monophysitism, adopts the Chalcedonian Creed, reinstated ...

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Famous quotes containing the word ecumenical:

    Were it possible so to accelerate the intercourse between every part of the globe that all its inhabitants could be united under the superintending authority of an ecumenical Council, how great a portion of human evils would be avoided.
    James Madison (1751–1836)