What is deliverer?

  • (noun): Someone employed to make deliveries.
    Synonyms: deliveryman, delivery boy
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Anastasia Of Sirmium - Veneration - In The East
... She is often given the epithets, "Deliverer from Bonds" and "Deliverer from Potions", because her intercessions are credited with the protection of the faithful from poison and ... to the Monastery of St Anastasia Deliverer from Potions, near Mount Athos ...
Edward Hine - Career
2) cites claims identifying Hine himself with the "Deliverer" announced in Romans 1125 Are the British people identical with the lost Ten Tribes of Israel ... of the identity, we have come to the time of Israel's national salvation by the Deliverer out of Zion, and that Edward Hine and that Deliverer are identical ...
The Song Of The Tears - Characters
... mostly good-natured, when talk does not revolve around the Deliverer ... have lessened him in his own eyes, while the people of Santhenar have named him the Deliverer, who prophecy say will cast down his corrupt father ... He is fiercely loyal to the Deliverer and soon becomes his close friend ...
Jehoahaz Of Israel
... As Jehoahaz besought the Lord, and a deliverer was given to relieve Israel from the Aramean ... This “deliverer” must have been the Assyrian emperor, Adad-nirari III (810-783), who came to the throne during Jehoahaz’s reign ... He did serve as “deliverer” to Israel in that he attacked and crushed Damascus in 803 BC, thus bringing relief to Israel from the Aramean oppression ...
Miki Falls - Characters in The Group
... At the end of the series she becomes a Deliverer herself, thus ending her friendship with Yumi while ensuring her more time with Hiro ... He belongs to a secret group of supernatural beings called "Deliverers", whose main goal is to preserve love by observing and taking notes on couples ... love for Miki, thus breaking the sacred oath he took as a Deliverer, which puts both him and Miki in danger ...

More definitions of "deliverer":

  • (noun): A person who gives up or transfers money or goods.