What is converge?

  • (verb): Move or draw together at a certain location.
    Example: "The crowd converged on the movie star"
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Converge is a word denoting the coming together of at least two things. It may also refer to:

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... Converge is a word denoting the coming together of at least two things ... It may also refer to Converge (band), a metal/hardcore punk band from Massachusetts Converge PL, a programming language ...
Jacob Bannon - Music - Converge
... Bannon is one of the founding members of Converge, who formed in the winter of 1990 ... See also Converge discography Bannon is the lead vocalist and lyricist for Converge, and contributes the art and design for their album covers and sleeves, apparel, and other ... In 2012, Converge released "All We Love We Leave Behind" on Epitaph Records ...
Converge (band)
... Converge is an American hardcore band from Salem, Massachusetts formed in 1990 ... Playing a blend of hardcore punk and heavy metal, Converge has helped to define many of the elements of the metalcore genre ... According to Allmusic, Converge are "regarded as one of the most original and innovative bands to emerge from the punk underground" ...
Caring And Killing
... is a compilation album by American metalcore band Converge ... However, Converge became dissatisfied with the way the label was handling the release and over charging fans for their hard to find older songs ... Caring and Killing features most of Converge's debut album Halo in a Haystack in addition to songs released on various compilations, demos and previously unreleased tracks ...
Convergence In Measure - Counterexamples
... The sequence converges to f locally in measure, but does not converge to f globally in measure ... and (The first five terms of which are ) converges to f locally in measure but for no x does fn(x) converge to zero ... Hence (fn) fails to converge to f almost everywhere ...

More definitions of "converge":

  • (verb): Come together so as to form a single product.
    Example: "Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power"
  • (verb): Be adjacent or come together.
    Example: "The lines converge at this point"
    Synonyms: meet
  • (verb): Approach a limit as the number of terms increases without limit.