What is clientele?

  • (noun): Customers collectively.
    Example: "They have an upper class clientele"
    Synonyms: patronage, business


A customer (also known as a client, buyer, or purchaser) is the recipient of a good, service, product, or idea, obtained from a seller, vendor, or supplier for a monetary or other valuable consideration. Customers are generally categorized into two types:

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Some articles on clientele:

... In 1999 they acquired Clientele, Inc ... and are now selling their Clientele CRM package ... Epicor linked Clientele with Platinum for Windows to give a front office/back office solution ...
Seaton House - Clientele
... Over the years, the clientele changed from unemployed transients looking for what little work they could find to a population composed largely of ex-psychiatric patients, alcoholics ...
... Six Sigma doctrine places (active) customers in opposition to two other classes of people not-customers and non-customers ... Whilst customers have actively dealt with a business within a particular recent period that depends from the product sold, not-customers are either past customers who are no longer customers or potential customers who choose to do business with the competition, and non-customers are people who are active in a different market segment entirely ...
Clientele Effect
... The clientele effect is the idea that the set of investors attracted to a particular kind of security will affect the price of the security when policies or circumstances change ... If a company changes its dividend policy substantially, it is said to be subject to a clientele effect as some of its investors (its established ...

Famous quotes containing the word clientele:

    The bar ... is an exercise in solitude. Above all else, it must be quiet, dark, very comfortable—and, contrary to modern mores, no music of any kind, no matter how faint. In sum, there should be no more than a dozen tables, and a clientele that doesn’t like to talk.
    Luis Buñuel (1900–1983)