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... The Church of the Brethren is a Christian denomination with origins in the Schwarzenau Brethren (German Schwarzenauer Neutäufer 'Schwarzenau New Baptists') that was organized in 1708 by Alexander Mack in Schwarzenau ... The Brethren movement began as a melding of Radical Pietist and Anabaptist ideas during the Protestant Reformation ... These church bodies became commonly known as "Dunkers," and more formally as German Baptist Brethren ...
Old German Baptist Brethren - History
... officially adopted the title German Baptist Brethren at their Annual Meeting in 1871 ... The Old German Baptist Brethren represent a conservative faction that would not tolerate certain modern innovations of the 19th century ... to the 2009 Directory of Officials, the Old German Baptist Brethren had 6,149 members in 56 churches at the end of 2008 ...
The Brethren Church
... The Brethren Church is one of several groups that traces its origins back to the Schwarzenau Brethren of Germany ... In the mid-19th century, the church began to struggle over modernization ... He and others organized The Brethren Church in 1883 at Dayton, Ohio, with about 6000 members ...
Louis Bauman - Biography - Philadelphia
... In 1900 Bauman began a pastorate at the First Brethren Church of Philadelphia, a place where his interest in foreign missions and eschatology would bloom ... a charter member of the Foreign Missionary Society of the Brethren Church in 1900, in 1904 became a member of its board of trustees, and in 1906 became the board's secretary ... in eschatology was greatly impacted by a well known Brethren premillennialist and through the grieving process of losing his oldest son ...

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    The church is precisely that against which Jesus preached—and against which he taught his disciples to fight.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    A bargain is in its very essence a hostile transaction ... do not all men try to abate the price of all they buy? I contend that a bargain even between brethren is a declaration of war.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)