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Gender Roles In Islam - Gender Roles Within Marriage
... One famous account is "A man asked the Prophet 'Whom should I honor most?' The Prophet replied 'Your mother' ... 'And who comes next?' asked the man ... 'And who comes next?' asked the man ...
Foot-in-the-door Technique - Classic Experiments
... psychologists telephoned housewives in California and asked if the women would answer a few questions about the household products they used ... This time, they asked if they could send five or six men into the house to go through cupboards and storage places as part of a 2-hour enumeration of household products ... more than twice as likely to agree to the 2-hour request than a group of housewives asked only the larger request ...
A Question Of Sport - Quiz Format
... person for contestant to identify Action Round - contestants are asked questions about a montage of sporting action What Happened Next? - sports footage is halted at optimum moment and teams are asked ... events and all show balls, or whatever item has been asked Mystery Guest - teams have to identify a sports star in unfamiliar circumstances and with unconventional camera angles Home Or Away - contestants can answer a ... a contest in different feats One Minute Round - teams are asked nine questions in 60 seconds On The Buzzer - teams answer questions at quickfire pace (this was only introduced in later years - in the ...
The Birthday Massacre - Views
... When asked in an interview by Peta, what she thought about factory farming being the number one cause of global warming, Chibi said "Our manager is ... they dismantle the factory farms in Huron County." When asked in a video interview by TasteitTV about having to conform to society, Rainbow says "...A lot of the inspirations and themes ... On The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show, when asked about what kind of advice Chibi would give to somebody who was thinking about committing suicide ...
If You Asked Me To
... If You Asked Me To" is the title of a song written and originally released as the lead single for Patti LaBelle's seventh solo studio album, entitled Be Yourself, and for ... from the point of view of a woman who pleads to her significant other "If you asked me to I just might change my mind And let you in my life forever." ...

Famous quotes containing the word asked:

    He asked if I would sell my Christmas trees;
    My woods the young fir balsams like a place
    Where houses all are churches and have spires.
    I hadn’t thought of them as Christmas trees.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    I asked you to play. If you can’t think of anything better, play a chromatic five finger exercise. But spare me your suburban shopgirl trash.
    Muriel Box (b. 1905)

    When asked his view about religion, he replies that he dislikes magic.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)