What is analog?

  • (adj): Of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input.
    Synonyms: analogue, linear
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Some articles on analog:

... It includes analog and mixed-signal extensions (AMS) in order to define the behavior of analog and mixed-signal systems (IEEE 1076.1-1999) ... The VHDL-AMS standard was created with the intent of enabling designers of analog and mixed signal systems and integrated circuits to create and use modules that encapsulate high-level ... and event-driven modeling semantics, and so is suitable for analog, digital, and mixed analog/digital circuits ...
WYFF - Digital Television - Analog-to-digital Conversion
... When analog broadcasts ended on June 12, 2009, WYFF moved to channel 36 (formerly occupied by the analog signals of co-channel WCNC-TV in Charlotte and WATL in Atlanta) ...
KWQC-TV - Digital Television - Analog Nightlight Service
... After June 12, KWQC continued using its analog channel 6 for the next two weeks strictly for the purpose of informing the public about the need to switch over to digital ... The transmitter for KWQC analog channel 6 was shut down permanently at 1159 pm on Friday June 26, 2009 ... Being broadcast as it was in analog on VHF channel 6, the KWQC "Nightlight Service" was being heard on FM 87.76 MHz on FM radios during the two week nightlight period ...
Imidazoles - Related Heterocycles
... Benzimidazole, an analog with a fused benzene ring Dihydroimidazole or benzimidazoline, an analog where 4,5-double bond is saturated Pyrrole, an analog with only one nitrogen atom in position 1 Oxazole, an analog ...
CHWI-DT - Digital Television
... on August 31, 2011, using its former analog channels 16 and 26 ... CHWI's Windsor repeater had moved its analog signal in January 2011 to channel 26 from channel 60 due to the removal of channels 52 and higher from the television spectrum upon the transition to ... In addition, CHWI-TV-60 has been authorised to relocate its analog transmitter to channel 26, and to switch its digital allotment from 25 to 26, due to the phaseout of all channels 52 and up ...

More definitions of "analog":

  • (noun): Something having the property of being analogous to something else.
    Synonyms: analogue, parallel