What is abstracted?

  • (adj): Taken out of or separated from.
    Example: "Possibility is...achievability, abstracted from achievement"- A.N.Whitehead
    Synonyms: removed
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Bridges Of The Merritt Parkway - Bridges Crossing Over The Merritt Parkway
... Balustrade abstracted from classical sources ... Abstracted, simplified classicism apparent in balustrade ... Faceted pylons abstracted classical balustrades with enlarged faceted pedestals separating sections of plain balusters ...
Open NAND Flash Interface Working Group - ONFI Standard
... Block Abstracted NAND ONFI created the Block Abstracted NAND addendum specification to simplify host controller design by relieving the host of the complexities of ECC, bad block management, and other low-le ... The ONFI Block Abstracted NAND revision 1.1 specification adds the high speed source synchronous interface, which provides up to a 5X improvement in bandwidth ...
Ferdinand Canning Scott Schiller - Philosophy - The Will To Believe
... which it operates on the contrary, it is only their applicability to the concrete facts originally abstracted from that is held to justify their use and to establish their ‘truth ... physicality, and that after constructing abstractions we cannot simply drop the un-abstracted world out of our account ... The un-abstracted world is the entire reason for making abstractions in the first place ...

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