What are yarrow stalks?

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I Ching Divination - Methods - Dice
... One roll of four dice will then determine a line, with probabilities matching the yarrow-stalk method ... This method mimics Zhou court divinations in which yarrow stalks were used in a two-stage divinatory process, first casting the hexagram, then designating one line as moving (see Shaughnessey ... A similar distribution to yarrow stalks is possible using two dice, 1 eight-sided (1d8), and 1 twenty-sided (1d20) ...
I Ching Divination - Methods - Yarrow Stalks
... Hexagrams may be generated by the manipulation of yarrow stalks ... One takes fifty yarrow stalks, of which only forty-nine are used ... These forty-nine are first divided into two heaps (at random), then a stalk from the right-hand heap is inserted between the ring finger and the little finger of the left hand ...

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    The seasick passenger on an ocean liner detests the good sailor who stalks past him 265 times a day grandly smoking a large, greasy cigar. In precisely the same way the democrat hates the man who is having a better time in the world. This is the origin of democracy. It is also the origin of Puritanism.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    “O haud your tongue, my father dear,
    An’ dinna grieve your Sarah;
    A better lord was never born
    Than him I lost on Yarrow.
    —Unknown. The Dowie Houms o’ Yarrow (l. 53–56)